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Dîner Noir - A Pop Up Hip Hop Dinner

January 14, 2017

 Diner Noir - A Pop Up Hip Hop Dinner Party

January 7, 2017


DJ Shelly Rockstar


Your Favorite Chick DJ introduces you to Dîner Noir, South Florida's very first Hip Hop Pop Up Dinner Experience.

So what is Dîner Noir? Presented by Miami's Own DJ Shelly Rockstar, Dîner Noir is a Hip Hop themed Pop Up Dinner Series unlike anything you have seen. Guests will gather at a secret undisclosed location and be escorted to an elegant venue where the backdrop of Downtown Miami's beautiful skyline and cityscape set the stage for a memorable event. Details regarding the secret location will be released 48 hours before the experience to add to the events exclusivity and intrigue.


Dîner Noir invites guests to indulge in great food, great friends, and music. It's a Hip Hop Enthusiasts dream infusing interactive dining with the four elements of Hip Hop Mcing, DJing, Break Dancing, and Graffiti Writing. Over the course of the evening, guests will experience and interact with each element; creating an energetic and magical evening like no other.


Beyond the spectacle and elegance of the dinner itself, guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds by affluent tastes and a love of Hip Hop music and culture. The dress code:  "Fresh To Def". Guests will be required to wear all black from head to toe to represent the solidarity of the movement and to pay homage to the pioneers of Hip Hop for a Grande Fête!


There is limited seating for this chic affair which will be attended by some of South Florida’s hippest influencers, trendsetters and tastemakers. 


Pricing includes:

Dining on a special menu created exclusively for this event.  The experience will feature never ending small plates and tapas with beer, wine, and soft drinks.



50 – Single experience

80 - Couples experience


for tickets visit:



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