Are You Prepared for The Holidays?

Are You Prepared for The Holidays?

When it comes to planning any holiday short or long it can be quite a stressful & frustrating period, sometimes so much so that you may feel like you need a holiday just from the holiday planning!  

With this year quickly coming to an end, consider doing a few small things to make your future Holiday event planning stress and headache free, like booking your entertainment in advance.

Freelance and Entertainment professionals often work on a seasonal basis, with the Fall and Winter Holidays being some of our busiest months. I cannot tell you how many potential clients call me within weeks sometimes days before their pre-planned event to book me, only to be disappointed and sometimes angry that I'm not available. Don't wait until the last minute to book your entertainment (the true heart of any event). This also goes for your Photographers, Photo Booth Operations, and Caterers. Even Hair and Makeup sessions are booked months in advance.

Never fear, you still have time to book an awesome DJ for your next event. That's right, your favorite chick DJ Shelly Rockstar has select Holiday dates still available. For DJ Quotes or to Book A Consultation visit

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